A mysterious image

A wing petroglyph
Petroglyph found in the Pony Hills area, New Mexico

When I found this 1,000 year-old image, I wondered at its meaning or purpose. Being a long-time bomber pilot, my immediate question was, “How the heck did they have stealth bombers 1,000 years ago?”

However, when I looked at different angles, I saw different things each time. The Mimbres people who created this image disappeared from the area about 1000 to 1200 BCE, leaving only their rock and pottery art.

One of the mysteries here is, “How did this ancient artist intend us to view the image? We don’t know, and the correct orientation is not obvious, as this image is on a horizontal surface.

This composite of four different viewing angles clearly shows the mystery, I leave it to the viewer to thing of their own interpretations of the meaning. Is it a practical representation of an animal, bird, or bat? Does it have a spiritual meaning?

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