Teacher and Learner

I have long held that the day you stop learning new things is the day they should be shoveling dirt over you.

As a way of giving back to my country and community, I continue to teach and mentor in a variety of settings.

A "free-range professor" A “free-range professor”

About Me:

I spent 32 years in the US Air Force, where I served as a pilot, flight instructor, tactician, analyst, safety officer, strategic planner, diplomat and college professor.

I hold a Ph.D in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma (main fields: International Relations, Public Policy, Public Administration), an MS in National Security Strategy from the National War College, an MS in Operations Research from the AF Institute of Technology, and a BS in History from the US Air Force Academy.

My doctoral dissertation has been published as a book, “Predicting War, Predicting Peace” by Lambert Academic Press.

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What I Teach

I teach across the entire US Air Force’s Air University online program, including:

  • Problem Solving in National Security (Air War College Capstone)
  • Applied Airpower and Security Studies (Air War College)
  • Airpower Studies (Online Masters Program)
  • National Security Strategy (Online Masters Program)
  • Research Elective on Deterrence (Online Masters Program)
  • Applied National Security (Air Command & Staff College)
  • Weapons of Mass Persuasion (Squadron Officers College)



What I’m Learning

On the academic side, I have been taking courses in “Artificial Intelligence” and Big Data Methods

  • Machine Learning (Classification, Regression, Neural Nets, Ensemble Learning)
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Bayesian Nets
  • Python

I have also “gotten in touch” with my creative side

  • Photography
  • 3D Printing
  • High-Power Rocketry

Previous Teaching

In the past, (and besides teaching new pilots how to fly) I have taught both graduate and undergraduate courses on a variety of subjects, including:


  • Masters Thesis Supervision
  • Advanced Statistical Methods
  • Research Methods
  • Air Warfare in the 21st Century
  • US National Security
  • Joint Warfare Planning and Implementation
  • Case Studies in Joint Warfare
  • Seminar in Asymmetric Warfare
  • Insurgency and Revolution
  • The Non-State Soldier
  • Covert Action


  • American Federal Government
  • International Relations
  • Statistical Methods
  • Public Administration
  • US Constitution
  • American History After 1865
  • Homeland Security
  • International Relations Theory

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